Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am OK!

Sorry to send some of you into a panic with the last few posts ... I guess I sounded pretty awful, considering how many of you called to check on me. Thanks -- it's always good to know people worry about you a bit.

At any rate, I am fine. I have a friend who is facing challenges as yet unnamed (at least to me) but I have confidence in medicine and the power of the human mind. And a little prayer never hurt anybody, either, did it? I guess I'm hedging my bets.

Today is a mega-cleaning day for me. I have let my oh-so-organized FlyLady routines slip a bit and so am playing catch-up with the blades on the ceiling fan in the family room (eeeewwww, in a word), plus the usual hardwood floor cleaning (which in this house is endless), laundry (ditto), and the boys' bathroom (eeeeewwww and endless. Oh joy.)

In a slightly scary but funny note, I spoke to Garrett's principal last week regarding GATE (Gifted and Talented Education). G tested very high and is now a GATE student. One aspect of GATE education I was unaware of was the Social and Emotional considerations ... because these kids tend to understand on a deeper level the things that are happening in the world (ie Hurrican Katrina, the Tsunami, poverty, etc) and they feel powerless to do anything about them.

(I felt that way my entire childhood and, ego-maniac that I am, didn't want to share my worries with my parents because I didn't want to scare them...)

Anyway, the principal and I were discussing G's more-than-usual empathy for disaster victims, etc. and she commented that she doesn't really think of him as "Garrett Ourlastname" -- she thinks of him as "Garrett Thefortyyearoldman" because he's so serious and thoughtful.

Funny, yes -- I really did chuckle at that image of him, because it is SO accurate. But sad, too -- I don't want him to worry so. He's only 8, for pete's sake!

How do you handle that as a parent? So far I have encouraged him to talk about these things with me or his dad or whoever he feels comfortable with, I try to help him actually have an impact on these things so he doesn't feel so helpless, and I tell him it's my job to do the worrying. Not sure it's working, but it's all I've got in the arsenal right now.


  1. Maybe encourage him to do something productive with his compassion where he can learn other life lessons as well--like organize a fundraising campaign, keep accurate records, contact an organization to give it to, write thank you letters, etc.... When we do something about all of the issues that feel so big, it does help a bit.

    But, Garrett is such a sensitive kid, I am not sure that would even help. However, I believe that is why you and Rob where chosen as his parents--you know and understand him because he is like you were. :) Trust your instincts supermom!

  2. Call my mom, I'm sure she's got advice for parenting kids who deeply internalize all external know?