Saturday, November 12, 2005

Going to a crop!

I am going to an all-day crop tomorrow. A friend of mine won it in a drawing at a scrapbook expo and she invited me along with 10 of her friends, so there will be a dozen of us at the store. I am excited because this is a really nice store, from what I can see on their website, and we are scheduled to be there from 10 am to 6 pm.

I have spent much of today, off and on, preparing my supplies. Putting things together, organizing stuff, printing photos, gathering my myriad adhesives, cardstock, and photos. I asked Rob if he could help me come up with some cool carrying methods for some of my things and he asked why I couldn't just put it all in the two ginormous bags I have from Creative Memories. Hmmm ... well, because, honey, they are already full.

Rob rented Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for me today, so we will watch that tonight and after the kids are in bed I'll put the remainder of my stuff together so I can go "crapbooking" as my husband so creatively calls it.

Rob will take the kids and head to church while I am happily cropping and hanging out with the girls. I have my water and my Diet Coke ready, along with the veggie tray I promised to bring. (And the peanut m&ms, which I seem to require at all crops....)

My goal is to complete at least a dozen pages. I will report back Monday!


  1. Wow, I hope you get 12 pages done. That is awesome you are cropping!! What a great friend you have to invite you along!

  2. Go get 'em girl! I bet you will get more than 12 pages done, my prediction anyway. HAVE FUN!

  3. Susan2:29 PM

    "crapbooking" ooooohhhh...yes, that explains so much! LOL!