Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Minnesota, 20-17

Ahhh, with the game tied in the last 3 seconds, the Vikes made a Field Goal and won. poor little Farve. He looked so sad. LOL

I watched about the last 6 minutes of the game -- really, even that was a little more than I like. I don't enjoy football. But man, I so enjoy the humiliation of those arrogant Packers!

Sorry, Teresa, I love you too, but this is one area where we are just gonna have to agree to disagree. The Vikes are the nearest pro team to North Dakota, so they are "ours" by default. Also, my grandpa Don always cheered for the MN teams (okay, mostly baseball, but the Vikes count, too).

What does this mean for either team? I have absolutely no clue.

ETA: I actually got the score wrong when I originally posted. It took my SIL (who both enjoys and KNOWS football) to point it out. Sure enough, I got the 3 point spread, but the score was wrong. LOL

See? I really don't care about football. Sad but true.


  1. okay, I must be a dumb dumb here, I thought they won 20-17, losing it! Point is they won, YEAH! Maybe that whole revision of their code of conduct book for the players will prove useful if they are actually going to behave in a decent fashion and actually focus on football for once!

  2. I went to Packer Training Camp this year and there was a kid there from ND with a map sign of ND, MN and WI and he had written on it..."I had to come through enemy [which was written in purple] to get here." If I lived in ND as I kid I would root for MN teams--we cheer for Chicago baseball. And, what does it mean? Nothing. Both teams suck and Chicago is going to win the NFC North.