Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Okay, deep breath ...

The babysitter -- Apparently Tony stopped by the other night to drop off something for school to our babysitter and didn't stay long. At any rate I talked to her about it and she knows it's not cool to have people over.

The class on Thoreau was so fun! I love that guy. It was amazing to be able to contribute to the discussion and offer opinions that people actually responded to. I love the whole idea of living your authentic life. Perhaps a post on that another time...

The conference for Garrett was fine. No real surprises, but his teacher did say he talks a lot about his Papa Dave. I thought that was so cool. Evan's teacher was sick yesterday, so I hope to have his conference on Friday.

I don't sleep well when Rob isn't here. I used to be so independent it never bothered me to be alone at night, except maybe if it was a new place with new noises. I am really tired right now and already looking forward to bed tonight. Spencer did crawl in with me sometime during the night so I had a little warm body next to me. Nice.

My apologies for yesterday's post. I shocked myself with the number of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Appalling, really. I am far too anal for that.

Hope YOUR day is excellent. I'm working on an attitude adjustment so mine has that potential.


  1. My day has been cold, icy and windy! Enjoy some warm things for us here in the tundra!

  2. It is snowy here, so at least they can go outside when they are home. I hope Rob gets home soon and things get back to normal.