Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The "I" Word

CNN is reporting that there are Democrats threatening impeachment of the President over this wiretapping scandal.

If you read this blog you know that I think there are banana slugs in the Santa Cruz Mountains that are smarter than the President.

However, if we go down that impeachment road again *this* soon after the last one, let me be the first to say that everybody better get out of politics and go home. If this country is so partisan that an impeachment happens over this, we are going to Hell in a handbasket.

Are there legitimate grounds for impeachment of Bush II? Possibly. I would entertain the discussion, at least. But I am not out there screaming for it, and I do NOT want revenge on the Republicans, as much as I think they "done us wrong" in the past.

Is there any way to force American voters to be educated, thoughtful, and tolerant?
Ahhh, I know -- wishful thinking.

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  1. I agree. I don't think this country can handle that right now. We have bigger messes to dig our asses out of.