Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A little bit of everything

The cookie exchange is over. I don't know if I mentioned it but my rules (simple reasonable ones, I thought) really made one particular person feel bad (which was NOT my intention) and after I apologized, continued to send emails that indicated she was very bitter. I asked her to agree to disagree with me and drop it, which thankfully she did. Until she brought me a little gift to apologize. I acknowledged it with a "You're very kind, though it was unnecessary etc." and again thought it was over -- until she called to say she was coming for the social part of the party and would not be participating in the exchange.

Karma. I had been SO frustrated with her, and apparently the universe decided I needed a little dose of "Be nice to people." Ha. It went fine but I was nervous about it.

The Super Secret Project is done. It went postal yesterday and I will likely be able to post about it in detail this weekend. I scanned it so it will be up in my gallery at Scrapjazz.

My house is clean, thanks to the preparations for last night's soiree. The scrap table is *pristine*. I think I'll take a picture to prove it.

It won't look like this for long -- I have 2 "treasure boxes" that I need to complete for Evan & Spencer before Christmas, and a gift or two for the kids' teachers that have to be given on Friday, and a paint can I'm going to alter for Rob's secretary.

You may have noticed I had comment moderation on for a while -- it all stemmed from a comment someone left on my blog telling me, in essence, that I was stupid because I didn't like the Green Bay Packers. I told her, in no uncertain terms, to fuck off. My blog, my world, my opinion. Your opinion is welcome here, too, even if it differs from mine, provided you express it respectfully. I, in turn, will be respectful of you. This wench clearly did not get that -- it was her first post to my blog, and she was totally rude. In case I have not mentioned it before, people, I am a BITCH. I don't mean a little bit, or sometimes, I mean I am a raging, evil, sharp-tongued DEVIL when you piss me off. Don't do it, I beg you. It is painful for those who do.

Anyway, she has a blog, too -- an insipid, stupid, dumb little blog about her !! kids!! and !! filled with !!!!! exclamation points (I don't know, maybe she thinks they look pretty, especially when there is nothing interesting written).

So I turned on comment moderation to avoid publishing any more of her pontificating (oh yeah, the Pack is a great team. what's their record again? oh -- 3 wins and 10 LOSSES. I wouldn't be so hasty to defend them or their idiot q'back who I still maintain is too damn dumb to know how to pronounce his own name). Sorry, Teresa -- but they are sucking this year. On the other hand, I find myself rooting for your beloved Colts just because you love them so much, so on to the Super Bowl!

I turned the modification off today in hopes the little blog war has died down and praying she has skulked off to a dark corner to lick her wounds.

I'm adding a link today, too. All Preparation, No H is one of the funniest blogs I have encountered. Warning, though -- the guy who writes it is gay, completely irreverent, and totally un-PC. If that's not your scene, just don't go there. Ahhh, the beauty of having the ability to make choices....

That's it for today. I'm off to paint, Mod Podge, and play around to my heart's content.

Super Secret Project revelation coming soon.....


  1. Hell, I know you don't like sports and I don't do scrapbooks and I know the Packers suck, it's just fun. Tell your new commenter to get screwed--maybe that is what she needs.

    I assume that people don't realize we have known each other since were 18 and don't have all of the same interests. But, you say you are a bitch and I disagree. You are a smart, sassy and VERY opinioned woman who is loyal to the ones she loves. I am glad to be one of those.

  2. Hey thanks for the add!!!!

    I'm checkin' you out now....

    am I really irreverent?? Fuck that...of course I am.