Wednesday, December 14, 2005


This is just a mini-vent from a slightly jealous mommy.

Evan cannot stop talking about Stella. They sit at the same table in school. Her mom mentioned that Evan has pretty much been the star of Stella's life since the beginning of school. Now I am beginning to understand what that entails when you are dealing with first graders.

"Stella did this ...."
"Mom, guess what Stella said today?"
(Showing a project from school) "Stella and I did this the same way."
"Stella ..."
"Stella ..."

Now let me say that Stella's mom is a perfectly nice woman. Her daughter is a very cute tawny blond with that first grade chub (not fat, just that little girl insulation that is so cute). She is a friendly little girl, polite and well-mannered, and I really have no objection to her whatsoever.

Except sometimes I think my son likes her better than he likes me.

It is NOT gonna be pretty when I have 3 teenage boys and a house swarming with teenage girls.

I had a friend named Chuck when I was in high school. His mother thought it was highly inappropriate for girls to call boys. (His parents were in their 60's at the time). Whenever I called him I would ask for Chuck. His mother, sounding annoyed, would call out, "Char----les!!"

And I would make fun of her for being so stuffy and, well, mother-ish.

Karma. It's gonna kick my ass someday.


    Okay, have you asked Grandma Sally about this one and her thoughts?? She might have a clue with the whole 3 boys thing. I'm curious her thoughts on this one.

  2. At least she is well mannered and her mom is cool. Michael liked some little white trash girl last year--ick. Karma is going to kick my ass too!!