Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Aleve, anyone?

I am on day 2 of a headache. I can't figure out if it means I'm coming down with something more severe (please, god, no) or if I just have a headache. I want to take a Vicodin but with Spence in the house I have to be at least somewhat conscious. Damn.

We are supposed to go to Reno-Tahoe for the long weekend to see family. Have the borrowed chains for the tires in the back of the minivan and the hosts are making a Costco run today for snacks for my kids. (She actually called me to ask what they eat, what they like to drink, etc. Sooo thoughtful.) I told her they'd be fine with whatever she cooked but they would demand Margaritas and Cuervo Gold to drink.

Oh wait -- that's me. IF the headache goes away, that is. Off to take more Aleve and try to eat something. (Why do I get headaches from not eating? I think that is WEIRD.)


  1. Susan5:58 PM

    Because your blood sugar is tanking. Eat protien with a non-sugar carb...nuts or cheese and Triscuits or something like that. This I learned from my WW days.

    Hope you feel better so you can enjoy your trip, sound fun!!

  2. ANd drink water.
    Hope you feel better.