Thursday, January 12, 2006

Four years

Can't believe it -- my baby is 4 today. He woke up early, crawled into bed with me, (Rob left for work at 5 today), and fell back asleep. When we all got up we had birthday cake for breakfast (I'm sure my kids' teachers will love me for that) and Spence got his gift from Grandma Carol and Papa Dave -- the Dora the Explorer Talking House. He was SO excited. He's out in the family room right now, playing happily with all the little furniture and figures. (And watching Dora, of course.)

The brothers gave him a couple of accessory sets to the house, which comes with almost nothing (don't even get me started), so he has a table and chairs, a bunk bed for Dora, and a playset and treehouse for the back yard.

This afternoon Dustin will come over to play and we'll go out for dinner at .... wait for it .... McDonald's. Oh joy. I AM looking forward to the fountain Diet Coke (they're the best at McD's) and I'm hoping they have a balsamic vinaigrette dressing .. maybe I'll check the website.

After dinner, cake and candles at home, and gifts from Mom and Dad -- more GeoTrax train accessories. We seriously do not have room in THIS house for the whole set -- not sure what we'll do when we move back to our slightly-larger-but-space-is-allocated-differently house in Minnesota. Maybe the solution is downsizing the Rescue Heroes somewhat, since the older 2 don't play as much with those as in days of yore.

Anyway, happy birthday, Spencer Donald! I was, let's say, a little surprised, to find out you were on the way, but you are truly a joy in my life. I love your saucy personality and open affection. You are the comic relief in the family -- too smart for your own good and such an amazing little human being. What a lucky mama I am to have 3 gorgeous, brilliant boys. I love you!


  1. Ha! I just checked and, lo and behold, McD's now carries the Newman's Own line of salad dressings. Bless them. I can be totally happy with a salad and the Newman's Balsamic ... yum!

  2. Happy Birthday to one of my FAVORITE of 5 nephews! HUGS and KISSES from Auntie Heather and clan.
    BTW Jennifer....McD's Balsamic ROCKS!

  3. Happy Birthday Spence. I hope you have a great day. And, birthday cake for breakfast--how cool!!

  4. Susan6:22 PM

    Happy Happy Birthday to Spencer!!! Hooray for babies born in January, especially those who don't come the way you want them to, but are so incredibly awesome that you forget all about how things aren't always the way you want them to be!