Saturday, August 26, 2006

Beach photos

We had some lovely photos taken at the beach in April by Barbara. She is a great lady and her work is wonderful. With the move and all its chaos we haven't had time to get the prints into frames, so with the wet basement drying now, Rob cut some old pine paneling from my dad's den with his miter saw and built me a frame. A little primer from our bedroom and some sandpaper later, it was ready and we put the whole thing together. I am most pleased with it.

Here is that part of the room. It's pretty dim because it's still cloudy here as a result of the front that moved through the other night. The weather people say it should be sunnier tomorrow. I am just grateful it's not raining. The watercolor print on the table will be framed eventually -- we just haven't gotten there yet. The floral print chair is an antique settee that was my great-grandparents. It doesn't really "go" with the room but it somehow works anyway, and I love it.

And when I wrote my last post I was unaware of it, but one person died in those thunderstorms Thursday evening, and many more lost their homes, their livelihoods, and other material possessions. My thoughts are with them and their families as they grieve and begin to rebuild.


  1. That frame is so cute! Love it :)

  2. Beautiful family photo--- You're so creative.
    The kids are back in school so I'm finally getting around to putting the "finishing touches" on some decorating projects.