Friday, August 25, 2006


It stormed ALL DAY today. Tornadoes, hail the size of baseballs (not here in Rochester), lightning, thunder, and a whole lot of rain.

Which made for panicky kids (especially Garrett, natch) and an evening in the basement family room watching Monsters, Inc. so we wouldn't have to watch the constant warnings and reports about the storm on the news.

Which was fine until the window well filled with water and leaked into the room where we were sitting.

It's 2 AM, the storm seems to have (finally) settled down, and I am awake.

And I can't even start the cleanup because the shop vac is just too damn loud.

So I probably won't update until we're dry.

And I am calling builders starting MOnday. I'm gonna build me a house on a slab foundation.

I am SO done with this crap. Basements suck.


  1. Have that new house built in California! Problems solved.

  2. I got to see one of the cars hit by hail being towed through town. Had no rear window left at all, a hugely shattered windsheild and giant dents everywhere. Not good!

    I'm telling you, basements are NOT so bad. Not everyone gets leaks and/or the leaks are fixable. I'm betting you're all dried out by now?

  3. Welcome home! Love those thunderstorms, huh? We had them yesterday. I am still having repairs done on my house from the April hailstorm.

  4. Hey lady--- you still there???? Or did the thunderstorms blow you away..... Miss seeing you online.