Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Attention pre-teen and teenage boys

Hawking loogies is unattractive. Period. Spitting is uncouth, uncivilized and unquestionably disgusting. And if you happen to hawk up a loogie and then spit it out onto the sidewalk in front of my house and god forbid I see you do it, do not be surprised when I come out of my house and request that you refrain from doing it in front of my house in the future. For the love of all that is good and holy, my children play out there.

Now go and be disgusting at your mother's house, since she didn't have the good sense to teach you that. And we all know you'll be there for a LONG TIME, because no decent girl will even look at you twice.

I bet your mom has a great time cleaning up after you -- if you'll spit in the street where anyone can see you god knows how you live inside your house.



  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Why blame their MOM??!! Teenage boys (heck! and GIRLS for that matter) do things despite their upbringing. Don't assume she raised them poorly. Maybe she would gag at the sight, too!

    How would it feel if someone immediately judged YOU because your child made a bad decision that had nothing to do with how you raised them?

  2. I'm totally with you on this one Jennifer.
    If a kid regurgitated on my property I'd run out there and make them clean it!
    (And I've done it too! I've also asked kids to pick up food wrappers that they've casually discarded on my lawn as they walk home from school.)
    And yes, that type of behavior is mannerless, rude, and just plain gross.
    It's the parents responsibilty to teach good manners and "spitting" falls into the NOT good manners category.

    I've had the "don't spit" discussion with my son. Did he listen? Not at first. Then we were at an Arts Festival and my son decided to spit in front of a booth. The exhibitor tactifully told my son to clean up the spittle. And I, being the responsible parent, apologized for the offense. I then made sure my son understood the error of his way. Was I embarrassed? Yeah!! Because I KNEW it was my job to teach good manners, and I hadn't taught that lesson well enough.

  3. Hey, you up there who didn't leave your name--chill out.

    I am cracking up at reading this. Although I tell Michael not to spit and he does it anyway. :) But, he ain't staying here for a long time.

  4. Susan7:43 PM

    While you're at it can we ask the soccer players to use the porta-potty across the field instead of the trees at the edge of the feild and also to suit up in the locker room at school instead of the area around the goal.

    Oh, and the neighbors need to keep their kitty inside because I don't like dead bunny guts in my yard. That is all.