Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Home alone

I am home right now. Alone. Yes, that's right, folks! For the first time since May 1998 I am at home with no children. (Okay, yes, their dad takes them periodically, and they have done playdates and sleepovers. fine.) But they are ALL at school right now and I am home alone.

I am going to eat chocolate and play in my scrap room. Don't call me -- the stereo will be up WAAAY too loud for me to hear the phone ring.

Ahhh, BLISS.


  1. I'm completely jealous.

  2. Smart lady --thats the way to spend your day!
    I find it so hard to do that.
    I had a few fun days... then I quickly went back to my compulsive cleaning/organizing ways.
    Totally sad.