Friday, October 06, 2006


I just finished 4 8x8 albums for some friends in California. They were simple and a lot of fun, but now that they're done I am feeling like I never get enough done. There is always another project waiting -- I have so many goals I am terminally behind. And as soon as I finish an album I add another (or two) to the growing list of albums I'd like to complete "someday."

I am a compulsive listmaker and I have kept track of completed albums since I started scrapping in 1999, so today I am posting my latest list of accomplishments, goals, and current albums.

Now that I have this lovely room I hope to buckle down and get some of these crossed off the list this winter -- and if I don't, I'll just bask in the glory of knowing I've done what I have so far.

Completed albums:

1. 7x7 for my mom
2. 7x7 for my dad
3. 5x7 for my grandma
4. 5x7 heritage album for other grandmother
5. 12x12 albums of my grandfather's life, memorial
6. service, and all the cards my grandma received
7. 12x12 for our Italian exchange student
8. 12x12 of our Hawaiian vacation
9. 8 1/2x11 for my mom's best friend
10. 12x12 for my husband's 30th birthday
11. 7x7 for DS Garrett
12. 7X7 for DS Evan
13. 12x12 for niece Rachel
14. 12x12 for niece Haylie
15. 12x12 wedding album for BIL and SIL
16. 7x7 album to say goodbye to friends who moved to NC
17. 7x7 album for my grandmother
18. 12x12 for my Mother-in-law
19. 12x12 family album
20. 7x7 Disney autographs
21. 5x8 mini book for my folks of their trip here in 12/04
22. 6x6 accordion album of us in California
23. 7x7 album for my mom of pix from her childhood
24. 6x6 accordion album for my mother-in-law of her trip to California in 7/05
25. 6x6 album of my mom and dad's trip to California in 2005
26. 4x6 album of Cole & Ross for Vanessa
27. Dad's license plate car album
28. 4x6 Christmas Cookie Exchange album
29. 7x7 baby album for Lydia
30. 8x8 baseball album for Cole
31. 8x8 baseball album for Ross
32. 8x8 Hawaii album for Ross
33. 8x8 Hawaii album for Cole
34. 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 album for my mother-in-law's vacation to California in February 2006

Current albums:

12x12 family (pages are in chronological order but not scrapped in order)
12x12 California album covering 2004-2006
12x12 school album for DS Garrett
12x12 school album for DS Evan
7x7 beach album
Family History in Basic Grey Lunchpail
5x5 accordion album for my folks of their spring 2006 trip to California

Future albums:

7x7 for Neil's (my mom's boss) 50 years practicing law
7x7 for DS Spence
12x12 baby album for me
7x7 album featuring my family's military service back to the Revolutionary War
12x12 Army album for me
12x12 album of my exchange trip to Brasil
12x12 wedding album for me
12x12 family heritage album including genealogy for my side
12x12 family heritage album including genealogy for DH's side
8x8 baseball album for Garrett
8x8 baseball album for Evan

What am I doing here? I should be scrapping!!!


  1. I'm tired just reading that. Go away...I don't want to see all your accomplishments while I desperately cling to my goal of being ONLY two years behind. *jealous huff of indignation*

  2. Holy crap. You are insane.

    Seriously woman. INSANE.

    I have one and 1/2 albums for Miss M, incomplete. And I album for K, sooooo incomplete.

    And I'm starting 2 8x8 albums as Christmas presents.

    I spend waaaaaayyyy too much time blogging and reading blogs when I should be scrapping.

    Oh well.

  3. Anonymous4:58 PM!

    I started a scrapbook when each of mine were born, but we've sort of moved to the "family" albums.

  4. I am amazed at the amount of albums you have completed for someone other that yourself!
    Personally I have done maybe 4 for other people. And by "other people" I mean my mom and my grandma.
    You need to start a business doing this...really... I smell a cash cow!

  5. I've seen most of your album accomplishments and been the recipient of several along with the ones for your Dad - THEY ARE ALL AWESOME! Your creativity is amazing and especially because I don't possess any of that, I am happy to have the fruits of your labor to enjoy always. Love, Mom

  6. I feel so not accomplished after reading that. :)