Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Phone alcove

This is why I still use a phone book:
1. I am a book girl -- it is faster for me to look up a number than to fiddle around with the computer.
2. I don't trust online listings because I have found that (in residential listings especially) they are woefully out of date.
3. I don't always have the computer on and I refuse to boot it up for something I can find in a book.
4. I have a phone alcove. My house was built in 1952. This cute little niche in the wall where I have a white princess phone is one of my favorite things about my house. Notice the little shelf built to house the phone book. Next to it is my altered clipboard Message Center, and down the hall you can see the French door that leads to the upstairs and my boys' bedroom, and the doorway into the kitchen. I do possess cordless phones, but I love this little piece of the 50's. So I use a corded phone sometimes, and I still look up numbers in a phone book.
I have always aspired to be the little old lady down the street whom everyone refers to as "eccentric." Frankly, I think I am already that woman. Scary but cool.*grin*


  1. I'm a phone book girl, myself. Do you think they are in danger of becoming extinct eventually?

  2. Oh, now if I had that little niche thing, that would make all of the difference. I just don't have a good place to put it and it always gets lost. I have one. I just don't use it much. :)

    And, as long as people pay to advertise in them, they will be around.

  3. Phone alcoves are so cool! We had one in the house before this one. Now we keep our phone books in the bedroom, which is not really very convenient.

  4. We need to find you a rotary dial phone to stick in there. A big old heavy one with a BELL in it.