Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Campaign season begins!

Yes, it's starting -- and I have to say that I am thrilled.

But it's not just the state and national level races that are getting attention in my house.

Garrett is running for Vice President of the student body at his school. He brought some paper home for posters this weekend and we came up with a concept. We used all kinds of adjectives beginning with "G" all over the paper, at angles, in crazy letters and normal letters, with a flap in the middle in a contrasting color. The flap read, "Guess who?" and when you lift it, it reveals a photo and the words, "Garrett ____ for Vice President."

Clever, no? We had a good time making them.

Since he's a boy, I have no idea when the election is, no idea when he'll be making his speech, absolutely no clue who else is running, and no real sense of what he'll be doing if he is elected.

So basically, it isn't much different from the people running in the "big" election.


  1. Good Luck Garrett!!

  2. With you as a campaign manager, how can he go wrong?! I bet he'll put chocolate milk in the drinking fountains! That's what we always said we'd do back in elementary! ;)