Friday, October 13, 2006


We had family visiting from North Dakota last weekend. I got a few pictures of the kids together over at Silver Lake. It was breezy and a little too late in the afternoon (the sun was at a wonky angle, so some spots in pix are blown out while others are too dark) but I got some okay ones. This is my favorite. Alexis, Evan, Spencer, Garrett, Haylie and Rachel. They all have so much fun together. We're missing Lukas and Holly, but getting 6 of them together is doing pretty well. And yes, the family was pretty heavy on the girls before my kids all came along. They balanced things out pretty well, I think -- and man, how CUTE are all these kids? Not that I'm biased or anything....


  1. Thats a great photo Jennifer!! I agree to the cute factor!

  2. Very nice looking kiddos

  3. great photo--- I like the shaded effect-- more natural!
    Very Monet -- or is Manet?