Saturday, October 14, 2006

House update ...

I promised pictures of the house a LONG time ago. Sorry. Things are fine around here, just not done enough so that I want to share yet. There is good news on the horizon, though: Rob is at Menard's buying a sheet of MDF to make our headboard. I know exactly what I want and am going to paint it rather than stain so MDF is a great cheap option. (Plus he's built me so many nice actual wood pieces he deserves a bit of a break...).

I also have 2 drapery panels that will be cut up this week and tranformed into a set of curtains and a valance for our bedroom. I will have to order another panel or two once they're done but I wanted to see if they'd work first. So I should have one window dressed by next weekend.

The crown moulding in the living/dining room is about 2/3 complete and I think he has the proper technique down so it shouldn't be long before that is done ... and if I could just get my act together and figure out window treatments for that room I'd be golden. Oh, and if I could get the watercolor print of our California neighborhood framed and hung ... well, it IS close, anyway.

So, pictures soon, of a few mostly complete rooms. Funny thing is, it really doesn't look too bad around here. LOL

I should mention that our old custom padded queen size headboard is for sale, along with a gorgeous 3 panel screen (about 6 feet tall) and a comforter, dust ruffle, 2 shams and some extra fabric that could be turned into valances or accent pillows. Colors are ivory, sage green, light blue and lavender. It is all coordinating fabric and I love it, we just don't have room for the giant screen in our current room. It was built to hide the master bathroom vanity in our first rental in California, because apparently some people out there enjoy looking at bathroom vanities whilst they lie abed eating their bonbons. I, on the other hand, did not so much appreciate the view of the sinks and the toothbrushes. I am a neatnik, so it was always clean and tidy, I just hated it. Hence the 6 foot tall screen. Here is a photo of the screen and part of the comforter from that house. Love those sage green walls.

Interested? I'm trying to make some money to buy these really fabulous stamps ....


  1. that screen is too cute! G would never allow purple in the bedroom though :(

  2. The screen would have been perfect in my old house, my own bathroom. lovely colors!