Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I hate the smell of waffles in the morning ....

smells like CHAOS.

Oh. My. God.

My husband bought frozen waffles at the grocery store last week. This morning my 3 children went through a box and a half and would have finished the box were it not for the insane rantings of their mother, who was screaming, it is 8:35!!!! You have to get dressed! Brush your teeth! Evan, come here and let me comb your hair!!! No more waffles!!! Aaaaaaghhh!!!!

They just can't handle the waffles. They're like kiddie crack. Seriously.

And in the midst of the crazy rush to find clothes (my laundry routine has lacked lately what with the rib thing and all), Garrett decides to tell me that he can't wear THOSE pants because someone made fun of him at school in California for wearing them. Okay, I can be a sympathetic mom, I can listen and comfort and console, BUT NOT TODAY. Today I said, could you have mentioned that to me BEFORE? WTF am I supposed to do about it NOW? (Yes, I use the F word in front of my kids. So you don't, okay. I won't use it in front of your kids either. I have a filthy mouth. Deal.) Turns out Ethan (you little slimeball, you) poked fun at him once because there is a safety pin in the back of the waist band. Because my child is very slim. Frighteningly so. So he needed a pin to keep these elastic-waist pants up. Told ya he was slim. So now he won't wear them, and there are clean pants in a laundry basket in the basement which I cannot carry up the stairs (that rib thing again) and I forgot to ask my husband to do, because he would have if he'd known it needed to be done. He went downstairs, found acceptable pants, and they are gone.

So I am stressed out and pissed off at 8:54 AM. Oh, and my ribs hurt. Probably from all that screaming.


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I'm sooo glad it's not just me! I hope your day goes a little better, and I agree, the Eggos are definitely a "gateway" food. Those, along with Fruit Loops, should have some sort of warning label on them.

  2. I freaking love toaster waffles. LOVE THEM. They are awesome and that is why I stay far far away because I can easily down four and go back for more of them. I make them for the kids though, and they can snarf plenty too. You can send them out the door munching them if you can convince them they don't need butter and syrup. Many a day Joe the bus driver pulls up to see the last bite of waffle being crammed into Mr. Pokeybutt's mouth.

    Forget about Eggos though...the Pillsbury ones are the best!

  3. If it wasn't for waffles - I don't think my kids would eat ANYTHING in morning.