Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am sick with desire

for these stamps from Hero Arts. Oh, I want them all so badly it hurts. Honestly.

I just hate it when I accidentally stumble on something so beautiful, so perfect, that I must have it. The last time this happened was when I discovered Bazzill's Doodlebug cardstock line. I drooled over that for 6 months (actually, probably more like 10 months) before I finally bit the bullet and ordered it all at one time.

Now there are 26 (26! OMG!!!) sets of these stamps at $15 apiece. That is almost $400. Ridiculous. I can't justify it. But ohhhhhh, I waaaaaaant it!

So if you feel like being incredibly generous, I have ordered H, Q, and V. Next in order of priority are G, E, S, and J.

But I really want them all.

I am sick. Sick, I tell you. And no cure in sight. Waaaaaaaaah.


  1. Susan6:36 PM

    Why Q? I get the H and the V...but Q???

  2. Okay, so for your birthday I will get you t and m. Two very useful letters and my initials! You can make me something snazzy then for mine! :)