Friday, October 20, 2006

Well . . .

Here is the headboard -- that is 5 (count them -- 5) coats of "Cocoa brown" paint. The unpainted MDF sticking out at the bottom is just keeping the brown paint off my blue-gray walls in the basement. Rob will be adding a few pieces on top of the two end pieces (I want some finials of some kind) but the main part of it is done and with luck it iwll be in my bedroom by the end of the weekend.

And we did the Perler Bead activity -- the kids had fun, made some cool things (not all of which are pictured here), and it was a general success.

Add in the cleaning I did, the reorganizing of the laundry room and the unpacking of the last 2 boxes in there, the cookies baked and taken to Ronald McDonald house (described to lady at desk as "dunkers" if you know what I mean), the little bit of genealogy I actually got done today, and the pumpkin pie that is as we speak baking in my oven, it was a productive and fun couple of days for me AND the kids.

Garrett's friend Shawn is here for a sleepover tonight; guess he decided he liked it here after he spent the night last Friday. The kids are all outside and I am hiding in the scrap room with my Killian's.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

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  1. Henry really like making things with those Perler Beads, both with my mom and at after school care. Did you make these from a design or free hand? they look lovely.

    I'm very impressed with your furniture paint jobs and color matches. Too bad we didn't know your talent when you were out here or else you'd be doing my bedroom now!