Sunday, October 22, 2006

Woo hoo!

Here is the headboard -- we will be adding finials to the top of the posts but have to special order them and I haven't quite decided what I want yet. Budget for this project? $20 for the MDF, primer we already had, and paint that was about $10/quart. Of course the finials are 9 bucks apiece, but hey -- still pretty cheap overall.

Wall color is a pale aqua. The dark brown blanket will be covered by our taupe duvet cover once it and the duvet come back from the drycleaner. (We had a little accident during one of Spencer's impromptu naps.)

The turquoise pillowcases and square pillow are from Nate Berkus' line at Linens 'n' Things. I refuse to pay those prices for more than just an accent piece or two, but they DO look nice, don't they?

Inspiration for this room came from a print I bought on Catalina Island -- haven't got it framed yet but I will get there.

Working on curtains today -- and I will most likely post a few more pix of the house in the next few days. I *think* we are going to my grandma's for Thanksgiving and she will want to see pictures of what we've done around here.


  1. I'm no help...just had to say I love the colors! :-)

  2. It looks terrific! Wish I could say you got your decorating talent (and also creativity)from your Mom - we all know, however, that is not the case. I'll just borrow your talent whenever I can. Love, Mom

  3. It looks ab fab! And, I do love Nate--but you are right--all of those lines are expensive.

  4. Susan1:36 PM

    I want to be you when I grow up! Will you teach me to be decisive so I can have a nice looking grown-up house too?

    It's very neat, Rob did a great job and the 5 coats of paint are worth it. Plus, you got style on the cheap...way to go girl!

  5. It's so fun to spruce things up around the house! I like the aqua.

  6. Yum yum yum.... I am loving the chocolate and teal!