Thursday, November 30, 2006


I bought a gorgeous picture book of San Francisco for my kids a year or two ago. We brought it to Arkansas for Thanksgiving so the kids could look at it with my grandma. The dog just chewed up a corner of the spine and the dust jacket.

The book itself isn't damaged inside -- but I am a book freak and I am obsessive about dust jackets. So I am annoyed.

We are trying to feed her only once a day ... perhaps this is not a good idea. Going to pour more kibble in the bowl now.

Argh. The joys of pet ownership.

And, for a little laugh, she peed last night on a cloth bean bag chair. It has a zip-off cover which can't be unzipped so it's in the trash today.

It's a learning curve ....


  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I'm obsessive about my books, so I can relate!

    This post brings back some memories. Our little baby decided to chew up Kurt's glasses one night. That was fun!

    But you're right -- it is a learning curve.

    Oh, and we currently have Yorkie on a diet, but our vet suggested we feed her smaller amounts over the course of the day. Maybe that would work?

  2. Most pugs have weight problem, so be safe to control the diet. As the precious comment, ask your vet how much Pippa should eat. We feed our dogs twice a day, 3/4 cup each time. Bucky weighs about 23-25 lbs and if he gets heavier it puts too much presure on his joints.

    To make a meal last longer some people put a tennis ball in the bowl, so the pug can't just inhale all the kibbles in five seconds.

    Bucky chewed a lot when he was a puppy, shoes, books, furniture (he knawed on chair legs!) even though we had plenty of chew toys for him. He still chews on nylonbones.

  3. Tess likes the Jumbones from Pedigree. They have small ones for small dogs too.