Thursday, November 30, 2006


At my grandma's over Thanksgiving I picked up a bunch of items from a box that had belonged to her brother, Henry. Things like his military discharge papers which listed his training and places he served during WWII, and lots of family photos.

The earliest photos dated back to about 1910. They are awesome and wonderful.

But my favorite is this one, from about 1973. It's me, wearing my dad's jungle hat from Vietnam.

I love this photo.


  1. How cute are you?? I had one of those horses. Now days they would be banned because some kid when pinch the shit out of their fingers.

  2. OH! Those pinches! MAN, they hurt -- I totally forgot about that. Loved my Wonder Horse, though, even with the pinches.

  3. I always wanted one of those, but had to be content with the cousins' horses because of the pinches! lol! I had a family friend with CLIPPITY CLOP (the one that whinnied?), the jealousy, I tell you!