Friday, November 10, 2006

I love snow

in the pages of National Geographic. Pictures of snow are beautiful. I love snow when I am safely tucked in my warm, cozy house with a book, a cup of tea, and nowhere to go. When I can turn on the gas fireplace and hibernate.

I do NOT love snow when I have to experience it. I hate shoveling. I have not driven in snow in 2 years so I am terrified to get in my minivan.

It snowed last night. Rob and Garrett are out of town for the weekend.

Pictures of 2 very excited kids to come ... if I can still lift a camera after the shoveling is over.

Have I mentioned I am really homesick for San Jose?


  1. Susan1:16 PM

    Yes but in San Jose, is it ever 70 on a Wednesday and dumping almost a foot of snow on Friday? In the same week? Huh?? It's the variety that makes it interesting baby! ;)

    2 years and the girl from NoDak forgets how to handle the white stuff? Never say so.

  2. Looks like a Christmas card...

  3. Would you rather have some cold rain instead? that's what we have today.

    I love snow, as long as someone does the shoveling.

  4. And yet, here I am in San Jose looking at your picture and feeling homesick for Michigan.

    But I haven't been gone long enough to forget that it gets old PDQ.

    Still, you get to missing it from time to time.