Thursday, November 09, 2006


My profound thanks to Skunk, who wrote this post and has thus rendered me speechless on the subject.



  1. No, Jennifer, it is I who owes you thanks for your service. I had the luxury of growing up at a time when service was an option, as it has been since, but hadn't been a short time before; a whole lot of folks sacrificed on all our behalf to make it so.

    And my apologies to your father for not having added an image from Vietnam; no disrespect intended there. In my eyes, Vietnam was proof that we forgot or mislearned the lessons of Korea (my late father was a USMC vet of Korea). Far as I'm concerned, every Vietnam vet deserves the same thanks for their service as any veteran of any war.

    So thank your father for me, a grateful civilian who graduated from high school a month after Saigon fell in '75.

  2. Jennifer, I wanted to come over and say thank you to you for your service. Happy and safe Veterans' Day tomorrow. I read your comment on Skunk's post...the young man Joshua in his post is my wonderful son. He's been dealing with nightmares from the war but he's in counseling now and things are improving.
    Take care of you.

  3. Susan1:18 PM

    Happy(?) Veterans Day, and thanks to you and all who serve/served.