Thursday, November 02, 2006

School auction

Every year my kids' elementary school has a fundraising auction. It's one of the many reasons we chose to send our kids to that school -- the kids never have to go out and sell wrapping paper, candles, candy bars, or any of the other lame fundraising crap people feel obligated to buy.

But there is a downside. The auction is a silent auction, then a live auction on a Saturday in October. It is not online -- you have to BE there to participate. And no matter what I say to our friends and family about what awesome things are available, no one has made the effort to come and see it. I understand that we are all busy, but it is frustrating nonetheless. To be fair, we were at the school for 2 years, then gone for 2 years, so there have only been 3 years where people could have attended with us.

In an effort to convince our friends and family that it would be worth attending, here are the baskets we purchased at the auction this year.

We will be using some items in them to give as Christmas gifts. Others are for us (the throw with the loons on it is SO mine LOL). The baseball bucket was used as Evan's trick-or-treating basket this year.

There is a bake sale, food is available for purchase, and it is amazing to see parents, staff and kids all working together to get things done.

Some things we either didn't bid on or lost to another bidder: a basket with an autographed CD of the "Car Talk" guys from NPR, some WD-40 and a bunch of other car accessories; a basket with a wine and beer theme that had a certificate to a local do-it-yourself brewing company; a locker kit with magnets, mirrors, and all kinds of accessories to trick out your locker (our school has lockers for all grades).

So -- there you have it. A small sampling of the awesome stuff you can get if you attend the 2007 auction. And I promise not to sell you magazines or holiday cards the rest of the year.


  1. We are trying to get Layne into that school and I love the idea of just an auction too. I remember having to sell all of the other crap and don't want to put her through that!

  2. Susan3:32 PM

    Our PTA is just asking for $20 from every family. Done.

    The auction stuff looks great though, one day we'll make it there.