Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pig snouts for dinner

The internet is a funny place. In less than 24 hours I had a response from my friend Kristine, the self-described nomad. And with luck I'll be seeing her again soon. This is exciting!

Our Halloween dinner is pictured above. Polska kielbasa and baked beans. I used a drinking straw from McDonald's (theirs are a wider diameter than most) to poke the holes. Quick, easy, and the kids loved it. It was a cool evening, especially for 3 California kids, so daddy took them into the neighborhood early and they came home to a hot bath. From left to right, Spencer as Superman, Garrett as Wolverine from the X-Men, and Evan as a baseball player. We put layers on under their costumes and everybody stayed pretty warm until the end.

And here is one last picture -- Spencer dressed up as Frankenstein for his Halloween party at school. His choices were many -- gotta love that dress-up box!


  1. Very cute! Oh, and Roo says the pig snouts look yucky and yummy ;)

  2. Susan1:39 PM

    I'll have to remember the pig snouts! ;)

    You can admit was downright cold last night. M and T skipped 6 of 12 houses on our block because they couldn't take it anymore.

    The boys look great! :)

  3. So just for reference.... what is a cold night in Minn?
    It was -- oh ....I dunno 50 degrees here last night.
    I survived.

    And that pig dish ---was errr gross!

  4. The pig dish is cute, just beans and sausages, right?

    It was so cold here the other night I didn't even go trick-o-treat with Henry (made Dad do it). Never know what costume to choose, one year Henry got cooked in one of those furry animal things.

  5. How cute are they?? I have a costume box too. Thank goodness.

  6. Susan3:31 PM

    My computer registered the actual temperature around 19 when we got in from T or T, and the windchill came in around 14. Though it was probably a bit warmer for Jennifer's family because there are great big trees where she lives.

    And that's not a cold night for MN (those come in Jan/Feb), but it was a cold night for Halloween.