Thursday, January 25, 2007

Circle Journals and more accomplishments

As a member of a Circle Journal group, you purchase a scrapbook, decide on a theme (The Soundtrack of My Life, My Favorite Quote, A Book That Changed My Life, My Family's Favorite Recipe, etc) and complete several pages: a title page, a sign in page, and a rules page. The title page introduces your subject. The sign in page has space for each person participating to sign in to the book. The Rules page is self-explanatory. You can set up whatever rules you want -- use certain colors, get inspiration from a certain sketch, use a certain number of photos, do a one page layout or a two page, etc. Then you do a layout following those rules that will go in the book.

Then you mail it to the next person in the circle. The circle journals go around to each person at regular intervals (like monthly) and eventually each person has a completed album with pages from their friends. Depending how many people are involved, this can take a long time and it does involves the costs of mailing each book on to the next person ... so there are risks. But I think it sounds fun.

There is a good article on Circle Journals here.

As for accomplishments, I have filled in our Christmas Memories book for 2006 -- that marks 10 years of using it. What a very cool thing this is. A record of what we did, where we went, who was there, what we ate, recipes, favorite gifts, and handwriting from many friends and family. I have thought about teaching a class on how to create one of these. It would be a great wedding gift, wouldn't it? Let me know if you'd be interested.....

I am working on the aforementioned projects and still making progress.

And Spence did well yesterday and is feeling fine today. That MMR shot is a nasty one, though. No tears until we got to the end of it, but he was a sad boy for a bit.

Kindergarten, here we come!

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  1. I have been working hard on my scrapbooks too. (January is always a very productive scrapbooking month for me....) Anyway, finished the anuual family "yearbook" album for 2006. (I have these going back to 1993.) Am now current with both "school days" albums. Andrew's birthday book...and today I am officially up to date on the Cub Scout album. It feels good!