Monday, February 12, 2007

Remember the Boston fern I was so excited about?

Well, I am killing it. Not intentionally, but it is looking *very* unhealthy. I have been misting it daily for about a week and so far no progress. Today I moved it into the bathroom and it is sitting in there with the shower going. I will leave it in the steam the rest of the day.

Should I just leave it in there all week? It is losing leaves everywhere and the guilt I feel is horrible.

Any horticulturists out there? hint hint Susan?


  1. Do I look like the fern type to you?

    Ummm...let me do some looking and I will get back to you. I know they don't like to be in drafts nor pestered. Also prefer very indirect light. I'll call you soon with more...

  2. Kristine9:41 PM

    I think the only place these plants thrive is Boston.