Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just yesterday ...

Or so it seems. Actually, it was 11 years ago today that we had a gigantic blizzard in North Dakota that shut down roads and prevented many of our guests (and my former roommate, who was supposed to play the piano at the ceremony) from coming to our wedding.

But we made it through the day, it was a *lovely* ceremony that people still recall. We had a candlelight portion during the Unity candle and the congregation all had candles in the darkened sanctuary while a family friend played the guitar and sang "Keeper of the Stars." It was beautiful. I cried (actually sobbed) through most of the service, but it was perfect.

This photo was taken in Rochester in June 1996. We rented a tux for Rob, I had my hair done, and we did an intimate shoot with our favorite photographer.I love these pictures. We giggled and laughed and it was almost like we were alone. No pressure, no stress ... it is a sweet memory.

He doesn't read this, but honey, happy anniversary. I am so grateful for your love, our friendship, and the family we have built together. I love you.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday too!

  2. Jennifer you are stunning in this photo! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary! ~lesfitz