Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow day

Almost everything is canceled here today. No church, even for the Unitarians. [As an aside, may I say it is COMPLETELY annoying to me that ll of the TV stations spell it "Cancelled" with 2 L's? Because spell check just gigged it for me here and I LOST the 6th grade spelling bee over that second, unnecessary L. I'm not bitter, though -- I'm just sayin'.]

Anyway, we got almost a foot of snow. Over ice. Lovely. It is treacherous out there. And our snow blower broke yesterday.

But our back yard is pretty.


  1. Oh, pretty.

    Do CG's have spell checkers now? I know they didn't when we were in DINFOS.

  2. Very pretty pic.
    It snowed here too. Well...up in the hills...far away I can see a light dusting of the white stuff :)