Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why are men so damn dense?

I asked Garrett to vacuum the basement stairs. He likes to vacuum, especially stairs, so it was no problem. So I come downstairs and find that he only vacuumed the stairs. Now, if I had said, vacuum the basement, the stairs would not have been vacuumed. I thought (oh, silly, silly girl) that if I said, "Vacuum the stairs" it would be obvious that the whole freakin' basement needed to be vacuumed. Rob was down there while he vacuumed and still it didn't get done.

Lesson learned.

And as for the stairs, is it only women who are capable of seeing the crud that builds up in the cracks where the risers meet the treads? Apparently so.

Once again, I need to do it myself or it just .... well, it just sucks.



  1. Susan3:33 PM

    I said "vacuum the stairs" and that's what he did. You know I love you, but I'm not sure you've got a leg to stand on with this one! ;)

  2. Man, I hate to do this but I had to read it twice...I'd have to side with the guy on this one even though I agree with the overall sentiment of the post.

  3. I know, I am PMSing and I am willing to admit I should have been more specific, but honestly, who the hell gets out the vacuum to JUST do the stairs? If I do the stairs, I do the basement. For 10 years. Ugh. Saving up $$ to send him to mindreading school.

  4. Oooo! Mindreading school! I know some people around here that could use that one too. Is it a boarding school? That would be great too!

  5. It's a man thing. They only do what you tell them. Women on the other hand can speak "woman." If you told me to vacuum the stairs, I would have done that, continued to vacuum the basement, then the rest of the house. Then I probably would have passed by the washing machine and started a load of laundery. Then I would have dusted for cobwebs... started to think about making dinner....