Monday, April 16, 2007

A catch-all post

The first few pictures are of the things my kids made at Color Me Mine, a do-it-yourself ceramics place here. I have a platter there that I need to go in and finish before it gets fired. The coffee mug was done by my mother-in-law. We had a fun afternoon painting.

While I was gone my darling husband had a honey-do list a mile long. He got all but one item (a small one) accomplished. The list included laundry, dishes, cleaning, small repair projects, finishing up the baseboard molding in the basement bathroom, and steam cleaning the hallway and basement carpeting. Yay Rob! The most impressive job he completed was adding the finials to the headboard. Here is a photo of that. There is a lot of wall and not so much headboard because I took the photo a few minutes ago and the bed isn't made yet. I am really happy with the finials, though. I love my cheapo do-it-yourself projects. LOL

We got a lot accomplished over the weekend. Cleaned the boys' room and playroom, cleared out some outgrown clothes, even got through their dressers and underbed drawers so when I get summer stuff out of storage this week I have somewhere to put stuff.
Last Monday I drove up to Minneapolis to see Teresa for lunch. It was so nice to have that time in the car to myself, to spend time with a friend who just gets me, and to sneak in to Michael's and Archiver's to check out the scrap stuff on the way home. For the record, I spent $1.07 on scrapbook supplies, but I was most pleased with my little purchase. Thanks, Teresa, for an awesome mental health day. I really needed it.
So I am getting out a bit, accomplishing things, feeling better, and eventually I will fill you in on exactly what has been going on here lately. I will tell you now, though, that, whatever the problem, having a name for it, knowing it is not *only* you who has it, makes a huge difference.


  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    The finials look great, as do the projects from the ceramics shot. I need to do that too, so much fun! So glad you got your mental health day!

  2. Yeah on all of those projects! I had a great time with you too. I was so happy you could drive up. Be sure and thank Rob for me too!!

  3. Hope you are well... is it winter blues? Summeritis? Seriously... take care of yourself!

  4. I'm glad you had such a productive weekend! But I beg you to send those productive vibes out here! I need them! Only 2 weekends until the family descends!!!

    P.S. The projects look great!