Thursday, April 12, 2007

I always knew he was above average ....

My husband got a letter today from the University of Minnesota. He has been accepted into the Executive MBA Program beginning in the fall.

He really is brilliant. I know he'll do great.

And I am sure that they decided for sure to accept him when he was interviewed last week. The first question was "What do you do for fun?" and his response was that he is converting a VW Karmann Ghia to electric power.

He is just so cool, and I am so very proud of him.


  1. Congratulations Rob! Time to hit the books!

  2. My husband went back to school after we were married. (He had a great job, but no degree.) It seemed like he took night classes FOREVER. Then I was pregnant with Andrew. Then Andrew was born... and he was STILL taking night classes. Paul TOOK Andrew to study group. Then Audrey was born. STILL taking night classes. Audrey turned 2 and he finally graduated. Then he spoke of getting his MBA... and I said, "Over my dead body."

    I'm sure your husband will be a terrific student... just hope you can handle it to.

  3. Yeah for Rob!!

    Going back to school, though, is going to be an adjustment for all of you. I know you will all do well--but there will be days.....

  4. kristine7:11 PM

    Congratulations Rob!
    I knew you were smart when you figured out how to shut off the water of my overflowing toilet. Thanks for saving me! All is well now and the carpet is drying. Thanks again! Kristine