Saturday, December 08, 2007

Crazy for crafts

I am seriously rockin' the crafts here, people. In an effort to find something on which to display our holiday cards I searched the Family Fun website and found an idea. I liked it, but I wanted it to be bigger, fancier, just more.

Having procured a refrigerator box I embarked with Evan on a crafting adventure. At the end of our labors, we had this:

A French memo board/Christmas tree. How unutterably CUTE is it? Honestly, I am about giddy with my own talent here. LOL Rob and Pippa are at the bottom, there, celebrating Rob's contribution: cutting some copper wire, bending it appropriately, hanging it over the closet door, and sticking 2 little poky pieces of it into the tree to hang it. Whatever. Totally cute and since a lot of the stuff was from my stash, pretty cheap.

Cardboard box: free
Felt: $3.50/yd on sale at Hobby Lobby for the green
Felt: 20 cents a square for the yellow and brown at Michaels
Staples, buttons, thread and a lot of the ribbon out of stash: free
Quilt batting: crib size, enough for 2 layers: $3.97
Okay, I did buy some of that cute Christmas ribbon at Michaels today because my ribbon stash is not all that extensive: $3.98

Since there was ribbon left over I figure it cost about 10 bucks. Suh-weet.

Directions later in the week if anyone is interested.


  1. that's awesome Jennifer! Great job.

  2. Very cute. And, I love the GQ pose from Rob!