Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Kindness of Strangers

I got a Christmas card the other day. The return address was unfamiliar, but I put "Julie" and "Green Bay" together in my mind and came up with a friend of a friend. Teresa and I knew each other in the Army, and Teresa met Julie later, also in the military. It seems Julie keeps up with me on my blog occasionally and saw the entry about my upcoming medical procedure. (It's December 19, by the way).

She sent holiday greetings and a gift card to Michaels. How sweet! I will only be down for a day or two afterwards, as everything I've heard and read so far indicates that recovery time is minimal, but while I am in bed I will be happily occupied by some crafty project thanks to Julie.

Julie, I struggle (as many people do) this season. It can be a very difficult time of year. Know that I appreciate your kindness and that it gave me a much needed boost of Christmas spirit. Thank you.

Teresa says we should all get together ... who's up for a girls' weekend? Everybody say Hoo-ah!

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