Saturday, December 15, 2007


I am coming down to the wire. Starting to feel a little stressed but I am really trying to just chill out.

Friends are coming for dinner tonight -- a very small gathering, no frills, chicken soft taco bar and a muchness of wine are on the agenda.

I am making a casserole for Wednesday night after my surgery. I bought cream cheese for it yesterday -- I know I did -- but it is not in the house so I have to run out and buy some. And some Scotch tape.

I finished the shopping yesterday (well, except for Rob). Hence the need for Scotch tape. I can't wrap a thing. My husband has a few things under the tree, but he wants floor mats for his PT Cruiser and I have no idea what the color name is or where to find them ... so we'll see.

I have a lot of teacher gifts to make yet -- gotta finish them by Tuesday evening -- and the boys' robes are still not done. Oh, the guilt.

The good news: Rob is giving a presentation today at 12:30. Twenty minutes and a 15 minute Q&A with his MBA group. They should finish group presentations at 3:30 or so, and then he will be home. No school, no work, until January. Crazy. I am so looking forward to having him around. Plus while I am passed out in bed at the end of the week he can do some baking in between subbing for me in my volunteer capacities. W00t. (Please note the use of the "word of the year." I am hip, people, lest you think that I am not.)

So, yeah. Christmas. I have no expectations of perfection. Just gonna go with the flow. I realized again this week how fast my boys are growing. Gotta savor every moment (even the ones like now, where they have been in their room cleaning fighting for an hour). Taking a deep breath, going to go run our little errand for a distraction, trying not to sweat the small stuff.


  1. Christmas and going with the flow...not what you usually think of when most find themselves striving for that perfection. I think I'll join in your thinking and "go with the flow" and just enjoy the entire holiday.

  2. It's all small stuff.

    Deep deep breath!

    P.S. The super secret code word today is "eelpj" which I think would be much easier to sew than robes for boys! ;)