Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holy crap

It is COLD, people. Wind chills around -40 F. Miserable. I made Beer Cheese soup for dinner last night (from scratch, no less. Even used my homemade stock.) and it was nice, but not enough to keep the cold from settling into one's bones. Brrrr.

Rob left this morning for Austin, TX for a couple of days. There is no school today (presumably because of the extreme temperatures), and I have to take the boys out tonight and register them for baseball. Lest you think that contemplating baseball and summer and balmy evenings with a gentle breeze is comforting to me, it isn't. I will have baseball 4 nights a week this summer. Tuesday and Thursday Rob and I will have to divide and conquer, and I will have to have my organizational skills in top form to ensure we all have decent meals because no way can we afford to eat out 4 nights a week. So basically my summer will be divided like this: baseball/camping. Four days of baseball followed by a day of preparation for camping and/or traveling to a campground, a day of camping, and another day of taking down and traveling back. All of a sudden it doesn't sound like that much fun anymore.

I have a few crafty projects I want to tackle, need to download photos of Evan's performance so you can see his true awesomeness, and I am off now to play Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the Wii. I need to master "Wingardium leviosa!"

Wish me luck.


  1. Okay--- I can't even imagine being that cold. It's in the 40's around here and I thought I had it bad. And speaking as a person who has HAD to eat out for a min of 4 nights a week (due to the remodel) it gets old FAST. Not to mention expensive.

  2. Good luck with your spell!

    It's not quite that cold here, I think we only got to -25ish. However, when you get down that low, what's the difference? It's still way too damn cold.

    I'll hunt up some "on the go" meal ideas for you and send them on, ok?