Friday, January 25, 2008

A little better

I called the VA today, hoping they could move up my March 27 podiatry appointment. Turns out the orthotics I need for my shoes are $521. My insurance will cover 2 pairs a year at 80% AFTER my deductible of $740 is covered. Have I mentioned insurance SUCKS?

Glory be, I talked to the ONE woman there who is actually a decent human. (The rest are all bitches. Ask me about the complaints I've filed -- just ask me. On second thought, don't.) She moved the appointment to January 31. Yep, next week. Honestly, she is a miracle worker or an angel or something. I was so grateful I blabbered on and on and I think I annoyed her. Whoops.

So to get my x-rays to the VA I call the doc. Turns out you have to fill out a form because they don't trust you to hand-carry x-rays (instead they trust the US government, the most inefficient, disorganized body in the world except for my brother's wife). But I digress. I went to the car to run the errand with the kids and the battery was dead. Yes, it has been cold here. Yes, it has been a week since the van was started. Yes, we knew the battery needed replacing. Money's been tight.

Left the kids at home for the first time EVER alone (there is no school today). They were under strict instructions to ignore the phone and the door, the doors were locked, and they were to sort and put away the mountain of clean laundry their dad left for them. I was still nervous.

The neighbor brought me to the clinic, waited while I filled out the necessary form (which asked for everything except my first born child) and brought me home, where all was calm, laundry was put away, and I had only been gone 25 minutes. Not bad.

So I feel a little better, I cleaned a little in the kitchen and dining rooms and got some stuff put away, my sheets are in the dryer right now, and I am making a casserole from my childhood for dinner. Low stress and great comfort food.

I am slowly coming out of this. I have decided I can not let it ruin my life. I will manage the pain. I will do everything I can to get better. I will keep a positive attitude. I will not let the bastards win. LOL

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  1. That's right girl! Stick it to the MAN! Do NOT let them win!

    Glad you're getting resolution! Sorry about the $$...I took Miss M to the ped today for her well check and walked out with a scrip for antibiotics and referrals to dermatology, ophthalmology and cardiology (cardio is just to meet them...nothing's wrong). How much you figure that's gonna run me?? *insert eyeroll here*

    Tell your boys I'm proud of them! Sounds like they did great for their first time on their own. (And good job to their mom for raising such capable boys!!)

    You're gonna be all right babe!