Wednesday, January 16, 2008


If you go to drop off computer components at the county recycling facility and you forget your checkbook, they don't take debit or credit cards. And they will be pissy about it. Don't offer your driver's license so they can verify your identity and know when you return with the check. They will keep the driver's license.

PSA #2: If you get stopped by a cop you MUST produce a valid driver's license RIGHT THEN. It is a state statute.

PSA #3: Don't piss me off and take my driver's license and act like you know the law (because, according to the law enforcement center, you do NOT) because if you do I will call your supervisor and report you as an insufferable arse.

Anybody want me to complain somewhere for them? Seriously, I'm on a roll here.

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  1. Yes, please call Mediacom and ask them why their guys left their wet boots on my wood floor while they did the service call, EVEN THOUGH I set a rug out.

    Dude...they can't take your license as collateral!! WTF? You didn't actually leave it with them, didn't get pulled over right? You just informed them didn't you...I hope that's how it happened.

    Also PSA#4 The county recycling center is closed on Veteran's day and PSA#4.1 A good friend will have mercy on you and take your stuff for you another day.