Monday, January 14, 2008

Got a customer service complaint?

Call me -- I'll take care of it.

After much waiting around for my Silestone top for the baking cabinet, (a 3-4 week wait that turned into 5 weeks), I was happy it was all done.

But in mid-December my darling husband found a crack in the top. Not a huge crack, not a major thing in terms of appearance, but MAN! That stuff is not cheap and it should last for more than a few weeks.

So I called the installer, who came out that very day to look at it. He determined it should be covered by the 15 year warranty and said he would notify the manufacturer. (That would be the same manufacturer who made me wait for 5 weeks for the top originally and which does not return phone calls to their installers).

Today it had been 4 weeks since Mike looked at the crack, so I called him and asked for the number of the manufacturer. Left a message for Ronald. A few hours later, having received no call back, I got bitter. I called and left a message asking that he return my call, he could expect a call every hour or two UNTIL I heard from him, telling him I was not going to deal with a company that just didn't return calls -- I'd been down that road before -- and that the BBB was the next number on my list.

Then I called the owner and left a message for him. And I was not pleasant, or kind, or even soft-spoken. Catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, you say? Well, I can tell you you can catch a LOT of flies by threatening to open up a can of whoopass on them! LOL

In minutes the boss called me back. In half an hour he called to assure me that the new top would be manufactured in 10-12 days (ummm, hello? why the hell did I have to wait 5 weeks last time, then?) and that they would call the installer as soon as it was ready for pickup.

I feel MUCH better. And, honestly, yes, this IS a symptom of something else going on in my life that I cannot throw a tantrum about and over which I have little control. I am completely aware of it. Don't care, though. At least one problem in my life is solved.


  1. You go girl! Give them hell. Customer Service just isn't what it use to be. Had to stand around Walmart for 67 minutes the other night for a site to store order I placed. Then they didn't know why I gave them such a bad survey. Well they asked my opinion and I gave it with both barrels loaded!

  2. You wanna come deal with whatever is making it 55 degrees in my bedroom?