Saturday, January 05, 2008


My mother-in-law left last night on the train. It was running 2 hours late. Poor Spencer fell asleep in the train station while we were waiting. Pippa came along and was sitting in her tote bag whining. Finally somebody asked, Do you have a dog in there?" LOL She went over and said hi to the folks and I put her back in the bag.

We got home fine and put everyone to bed. I bet it wasn't 5 minutes and we were all asleep.

This morning Rob and Garrett are already gone. G is taking a standardized test and R is studying in preparation for next week's return to school.

Today I am scrapping. For each of my older boys I did a 7x7 inch scrapbook beginning with the first professional photo in the hospital and ending with the first day of kindergarten. They are each 25 two-sided pages and they include family members, birthdays, holidays, friends, interests, activities, trips ... pretty much anything that we did or saw in those 5 years. Spencer is the "Extra Special Person" in his classroom next week. Guess which mom has not completed his scrapbook yet?

I had 2 pages done yesterday morning. Now I am up to 7. Joy. So think of me, all weekend, toiling away on 43 scrapbook pages.

I do love these books, though -- such a cool record of the stuff they loved when they were little. And Mr. Spencer is so excited to finally have his own book.

I will probably not be back to regular posting until after next week. I am at school for various and sundry tasks and events Tuesday through Friday.

I wish all of you a healthy and joyful 2008.


  1. I WISH I could work on 40+pages of scrapbooks. I'm so jealous!

  2. How's it going so far???