Monday, February 11, 2008

It's been a while

since I posted a list. So here are the remaining items from the last list:
(bold have been started; red are completed)
-finish door jambs on main floor
-stain trim in basement
-make a slipcover for scrapbook chair (must get black and white toile fabric first)
-sort and organize photos
-sort and organize family history stuff

-sew table skirts for scrap room
-pick and print photos for Christmas border (this goal has slipped WAY down on the priority list for now LOL)
-order a new dust cover for sewing machine (again with the toile)
-paint hallway
-finish surf painting for kids' room
-finish bedroom curtains

Of course, I also have new stuff, and this week my goals mostly have to do with the scrapbooking room (aka World Headquarters):
-finish journaling in Spencer's album
-scan and upload remaining layouts from Spence's album
-put Spence's album back together again
-mail stuff
-make pages for Garrett's camping album
-make pages for our 2008 camping album
-punch and bind 2 camping albums at school
-straighten out computer desk
-have Rob hang school picture frames (note to self: figure out where to hang said frames)
-have Rob hang curtain rods in bedroom so finished curtains/valances can be hung
-finish stained glass bed jacket for myself
-organize stuff for the print drawer shadowbox I am making for my mom
-get to work on school layouts for the boys (Dude, I am so far behind on this....)

So I'll be busy. We are also hosting Rob's brother and his family for our annual Valentine's Day extravaganza (okay, it's heart-shaped pizza and a few other V-day themed food items, Shirley temples or another pink drink, and maybe a fancy dessert, but I like the word extravaganza). Looking forward to that, although I think my niece (who will be 16 in just over a week) is not. LOL I may have to take away the pink Razr at the dinner table. Ha.

I am off to do some organizing and cleaning up. I love my little room, and since it's just the kids and me and some Chinese leftovers for dinner tonight, I can be here guilt-free all afternoon.

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