Thursday, February 21, 2008

Long day

I was a very productive little school volunteer today. I filed *months* (I am not exaggerating) worth of papers in Garrett's classroom, checked off homework, got the slips listing unfinished work written up and stapled to the packet of papers for the kids to bring home, cut about 200 3-inch pieces of yarn in the kindergarten workroom, filed more work for the kindergarten teacher, supervised 12 kinders writing sentences, put together the kindergarten book orders, and I watched an incredible pep rally featuring song parodies, skits, and a STOMP-style drum piece featuring trash can lids for cymbals (and everything was written, organized and performed by students).

I also contacted a DFL candidate out there who may be in need of my media consulting services -- something I love to do -- helping people get more comfortable in front of the camera, putting together talking points, rehearsing questions and answers to maximize the sound bites, coaching on speaking style and such. Totally fun stuff for me.

And there was a middle school meeting. For parents of incoming middle school students. That would be me. Wow. Garrett has already indicated he wants to try band next year (he has chosen the French horn) and the meeting gave me a lot of information and made me feel more confident about the educational choices we've made over the years. I really despise the entire middle school philosophy -- I think it is pure stupidity to take kids at possibly the most vulnerable point in their life, dump them into a school with 1,200 students, and expect them to navigate the physical and emotional stuff they're going through in addition to the drama inherent in that age group and the social pressure that is inevitable as kids figure out who they want to be. So the middle school option we went with minimizes the negative aspects of a bad system and makes the most of the good stuff.

Whew. Busy, but good. Heading now into a school weekend for Rob. The kids and I will go to a family game night at church tomorrow night, we have no real plans for Saturday, and I hope Sunday will be a relaxing family day.

I am looking forward to a selfish afternoon tomorrow, playing in the scrap room and hanging out. I may post here, I may not. If I don't, I wish you all a lovely weekend. (It's supposed to get above freezing here -- it is sad that to Minnesotans right now that sounds warm. Argh.)



  1. Indeed...viewing 30 degrees as "warm" is just so sad.

    Glad you're getting bunches done...wish I could say the same but I spent the morning at the eye doctor for B. Just the yearly exam but new patient and drops and all...we were there about 2.5 hours!

    B wants to play the French Horn too. I thought your school was up to 8th grade, or is that what you're saying?

    Happy Weekend to you too, enjoy the game night!!

  2. Will Garrett's middle school have "houses" or "teams"?? That seems to be the best way most schools are finding to establish a better middle school know each other and teachers better and vice versa...