Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunshine and 21

Yep, 21 degrees right now -- and it feels GREAT! I can definitely feel the difference in the temp, and the sunshine is having its usual impact on my mood and energy level -- there is a vast improvement in both. My little light is a godsend, but there is still something about REAL sunshine that gives me a boost the light can't do.

The boys are all outside right now. I just refereed a squabble over whether someone was "TI" (time in) or "TO" (time out). Good lord, I think I understand why half the world is at war. Boys don't talk about anything -- a misunderstanding escalates in seconds to violence and bloodshed. I think the world would be more peaceful if more women were in charge, simply because of our insatiable need to question, analyze, and discuss things. The boys shoot first and ask questions later. Sheesh.

Some cleaning and tidying is on my agenda today, along with laundry and trying to muck out this room. My world headquarters is kind of a dump right now and I have reached the point where some cleaning and picking up has to be done in order for me to function in here. In addition, my folks are coming for Evan's birthday this week (Yay!) and I like things to be in order when my born-organized mother is in the house.

Okay, that's not terribly interesting, I guess, but it's what I've got today. Happy weekend, everybody!


  1. Nothing like a midwinter heatwave to boost your spirits! :)

  2. I totally agree about the little boy thing. Why is everything "full contact"? They can't do anything without wrestling and pummeling each other. The worst part... I think they actually enjoy it. Oy!