Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Winter Blahs

I added a few more red lines to my recent list and have scanned ebay in hopes of turning up some toile that suits my fancy. Thus far I'm coming up empty.

A few genealogy things are floating around my room right now -- some new books acquired from my grandma, a family photo from a Christmas card that needed all 26 people identified on it, and various slips of paper with Bible verses written down on them. These belonged to my great-grandmother Edith and I found them in a giant print Bible she had in her 90s. Some are in excellent shape; just strips of notebook paper that had been tucked between the pages as markers; and some have yellowed and tattered edges. I am not quite sure what to do with them, so here they sit for the time being. The Bible is being donated to a woman on Freecycle who is making a Bible cover for her elderly grandmother, and I know the giant print (why does that make me giggle?) will be appreciated. We have plenty of Bibles here (I know, you thought we didn't, right?) and this one will certainly be more useful to her than it would be sitting on a shelf collecting dust in my house.

It is the dead of winter here. Bitter cold (3 degrees above 0 a bit ago) with a biting wind. I have hit the doldrums, I think. No enthusiasm, no energy, just trudging through the days, trying to convince myself that spring really IS coming. But it is hard right now.

I've written before that helping others is often what gets me through the rough spots, and this week I actually have someone to help -- a friend of my mom's is here with her sister, who is undergoing treatment at the Clinic. They don't have a car here and they want to run some errands this afternoon, so I will play chauffeur. This is a good thing -- it forces me to get out of the house and be a little social as well as reminding me of how very fortunate I am.


  1. If you want to keep Grandma's handwriting, maybe decoupage those strips to a box you can use store other things? Otherwise, if it's not an overly huge number, I'd just copy them over into my journal and note that they were verses that were special or important to her. Perhaps one day they'll come to inspire you too?

    It's not quite that cold, but close enough here. I am sick of being cold so please, let's just move on to spring and forget about winter!!

    I am glad you've got a reason to get out today...bundle up and be a good tour guide!

  2. Ugh-- I couldn't handle the cold. Enjoy playing chauffeur!