Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have no one to blame but myself

yet I will still whine about it here. LOL

Today I am just tired of being the go-to girl. I volunteered this morning for 3 hours. Got some good things done so I felt good about it.

Came home and fed Spence, got him on the bus, and made dinner. (Three bean hotdish, aka Calico beans. One of my faves from childhood that I make about once a year because it has a pound each of ground beef and bacon. Yum.)

Took a rest for a bit and made a trip back to school to take care of the book fair money. Ended up being a useless trip because one of the other volunteers misread an email (or is more of a control freak than me, or both) and came for the same purpose. I tried to be nice, but I was really peeved.

At home, we ate, Spencer went to a birthday party (who on god's green earth plans a birthday party for a 6 year old on a Wednesday night, for Chrissakes? whiskey tango foxtrot again).

I just finished making a 6 quart crock pot full of chicken enchiladas - (thank you, Cori, for that amazing recipe) - for the record, that is 36 enchiladas, and I made my famous gazpacho salsa that has been wowing potluck goers for years now. Turns out the treat I volunteered to bring to the teachers' lounge has now turned into a


Post was interrupted by Evan's voice, from the kitchen, yelling, "Bird! Aaaaaaaaah"

I went out to inspect and it was a winged creature but it had more of a batlike look to it for the second or two I saw it. We closed off some doors but couldn't find it upstairs or on the main floor. Thank goodness Rob came home just then and found it down in the basement bathroom. It was, indeed, a bat. We have lots of them in the neighborhood and generally we like them because our mosquito population stays pretty low relative to other neighborhoods.

I don't love them, though, and I especially don't love them in my house. Yikes.

Rob knocked it out of the air with a broom, scooped it up into an ice cream pail, and returned it to the great outdoors. It wasn't hurt and likely will have quite a story to tell its little friends tonight.


Anyway, so the treat has turned into a full meal of chicken enchiladas, tortilla chips with gazpacho salsa, and possibly some Mexican rice (don't tell anyone but I've never made it before, but I called my friend whose last name is Lopez hoping she can steer me in the right direction LOL).

And I am just tired of being the one who everyone can take advantage of count on. I love what I do most days. Right now, though, I need a vacation. I'm actually looking forward to spring break just so I get a break from school. I want a few days to just do MY stuff -- I have sewing to finish, some prep work for a 2 day crop I'm attending in April, and putzing around in my room.

Well. That post turned out to be more interesting than I expected. LOL

Going to clean the kitchen now. It looks like a bomb went off in it. LOL


  1. You handled the bat incident far more calmly than many women I know. Time to look for gaps and holes, but they can get through reeeeeally small holes.

    As for volunteering, yes in a way you did bring it on yourself. In part because you can't help yourself from helping (face it girl, you love to help it's what you do!) and partly because of your anal-retentive control freak tendencies. You always do things well and competently and people come to expect it, but then it backfires on you when the expectation turns into the idea that "Jennifer will just take care of it, she always does." So you need to find a way to help but not be in charge. Say to whoever plans this "I can do X and Y but I just can't be the one in charge." and then stand by it.

    Nobody takes advantage of you without your permission!!

    How's your aching body by now?

  2. Repeat after me, "No, I am sorry I cannot do that this time."

    Say it as often as you need to for it to work. :)

    I would have completely gone spastic had a bat got in my house. I would have had the sheriff and all of the men I know trying to get it out. Ick. You are much braver than I am.