Thursday, March 20, 2008

I DO say no

Sorry about the whining yesterday. I am still tired, I have a cold, and I am still sore (Bruce, do you hear me? Dude, I LOVE you but next time how about an intimate gathering in, say, my living room? An acoustic guitar, a bottle or two of wine .... Clarence and Steve can come too, and Patti as well, if the kids aren't raising 10 kinds of hell, but I am too old for this stadium rocker stuff ... I'm just sayin'.)

Anyway, I DO say no. Honest. Here is what I am NOT doing this year:
*teaching Sunday School
*serving on the Church Council
*serving on the church nominating committee
*chairing anything for the giant annual fundraiser at my kids' school
*serving on the main campaign committee for a local candidate

And, to be clear, the teachers did not ask me to put in time in each classroom each week. That was entirely my decision -- a decision I have not regretted until this week. I just felt a little overwhelmed. Today went fine; in fact, for the first time all year I handed out 24 blue slips in 4th and 5th grade today, indicating that all their work was turned in. This left only 3 orange slips. As an incentive the teacher has been promising an extra outdoor break if at least 21 blue slips were handed out in a day, so when I announced the number there was a raucous celebration that included the teacher turning on some disco music and some happy dancin' and booty shakin' ensued. It was awesome -- just pure joy. Reminded me of the Peanuts gang. LOL The weather was nice here today (we're expecting 6 inches of snow tomorrow) so it was wonderful that they got 20 extra minutes outside.

All is well, I am tired but fine, and the kids will be in bed before too long. Rob left tonight to avoid the snow and the traffic messes in the morning, and the evening will be quiet and peaceful. The morning will be spent at the Book Fair -- I really do enjoy that-- and my friend Jen will be stopping by to shop a bit with her little one, Lydia, and I always enjoy seeing them.

I'm good. My friends are awesome, and life is rolling merrily along. Now if I can just get spring to come ....


  1. I am sooooooo sorry to hear about the snow headed your way! UGH! Evil white stuff.

    Here's hoping that it's not as bad as they're thinking and that you warm up fast enough to get it gone real quick like!

  2. Yes, where is that damn Spring?

    Michael tells me if the music is too loud I am too old. He is into ACDC and KISS now, thinks they are the best bands ever and I am not going to argue. At least we can listen to the same thing. God Bless Guitar Hero.