Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's still winter

Yep, today was still relatively cold. I don't think we got up to 25. The week should be better, though -- slowly warming up into the 40s.

Thought I'd post a picture of the boys in front of the biggest snowman I've ever seen, outside of LARK Toys near Kellogg, MN. Be sure to check out their carousel -- the link is on the left side of the home page. Amazing.

And for perspective, those are car tires that make up the snowman's hat. He is BIG.


  1. Oh how I love LARK! Such a wonderful place!

  2. That is the biggest freaking snowman on Earth. We haven't had enough snow this year to make his hand. It has been cold, but no white stuff. Michael has yet to be able to use his new sled from Santa.